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The Executive Board of Directors of the Texas International Fishing Tournament will award scholarships for $2000 each to selected undergraduate students attending any accredited college or technical school in the fall.

Funds will be set up and administered through the Registrar or Financial Office of the student’s designated school. Scholarship monies may only be used for tuition, books, lab fees, or any other similar costs imposed on the student by the school or one of its classes.

Applications will be accepted from freshman through senior undergraduate students. The Board will accept and review the applications based upon the following criteria, in order of importance.

  1. Past Student TIFT Involvement (70%)
  2. Grades (30%)

First-time applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.25 and provide proof of enrollment as a full-time student (minimum of 12 hours). Renewal scholarships will be considered for students with a minimum GPA of 2.25 and proof of enrollment as a full-time student. Online classes will be credited for student hours.

One-half, or 50%, of the total scholarship will be paid per semester with proof of full-time enrollment and GPA provided for each semester. Transcripts and proof of full-time enrollment for the second semester must be provided to TIFT no later than Jan. 15th of each school year.

The Student will be required to submit to the Board a small portfolio containing the following: A photo of the student, cover letter, transcript of grades to include dual enrollment, and the completed TIFT Scholarship Application along with the required essay. Your essay is extremely important since it will provide the TIFT Board with a better understanding of you and your personal goals and objectives.

All applicants must be legal residents of the United States. Any applications submitted without all of the above items will be considered incomplete and will not be eligible for consideration.

All applications must be received no later than March 1. The Executive Board will make its final decisions by April 30, and will notify those students who have been selected as recipients. Any questions may be directed to our Tournament Director, Kristi Collier at 956-802-3475 or by email to info@tift.org


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